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Founded in 2020 in the The Crystal City of Corning, NY.

We began our journey with the goal to use the ancient wisdom of our ancestors' to transform what was once “taboo” to mainstream by enlightening the modern soul to the timeless benefits of natural crystal healing.

Our hope is that any individual, regardless of crystal knowledge, could reap the benefits of these stones, ultimately becoming transformative and life changing. Our modern approach is to provide spiritual products to all who want to bring more peace, health and harmony into their lives.

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  • Ancient Egypt 🇪🇬

    Pharaohs were known to carry zinc and copper cylinders filled with crystal quartz to balance, harmonize and increase the flow of positive energy.

  • Ancient Greece 🇬🇷

    Ancient Greek Warriors rubbed crushed Hematite crystals on their bodies prior to battle for they believed that it would make them invincible and fearless.

  • Ancient Japan 🇯🇵

    In ancient Japan, Quartz Crystals were thought to represent the hearts of dragons and believed to be a symbol of wisdom and power.

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